Matt C. Macaron

Matt C. Macaron, like you guessed is a charming midwestern boy. The only son of an overbearing religious family, he set his eyes on the big world with a desire to help others. Matt has always known he was destined for a life that impacted all those around him. So, he headed east with a hobo pack over his shoulder. When he jumped off that rambling train he found his people. Matt enjoys traveling with his friends, overbooking his schedule and is obsessed with Starbucks coffee (don’t get him started). Matt has dedicated his life to helping others, and may never stop pursuing education to reach that dream. His favorite movie is “Inside Out,” he can’t help but ask “How do you feel about that?” He keeps strong ties to his Midwestern roots and reads his emails from his smartwatch. He spent a month in the Middle East while in college, graduating with more degrees then I remember him telling me, and as mentioned before he may never quit pursuing learning and making himself and the world a better place.

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