New Things are a Happenin’………

WOW Dysfunctional friends, so much excitement! We got a Patreon, launched the last episode of the BFF series and Bri got bangs. We are excited about other new things that will be coming out soon. Let us know that you have enjoyed the episodes and/or how we can improve!

Matt and I finally came up with a pretty good schedule for recording and editing, which means our episodes should be coming out more regularly now! Thanks for your patience while we figure these things out!

BFF Series – So Dysfunctional

Matt and Bri launched their first sires, BFF. They explore Friendship and all the ways it can be Dysfunctional. They start the series with ‘friends at work’, they share struggles with understanding friendships, and the complications of making and keeping friends at work. Bri identifies her own difficulty in friendship at work, and Matt shares his ‘assumptions’ about how others see him at work. Laugh with them as you listen, and be sure to rate and review, any feedback will help them bring you stories and insights into all the distraction and dysfunction in the the world., and and

Matt C. Macaron

Matt C. Macaron, like you guessed is a charming midwestern boy. The only son of an overbearing religious family, he set his eyes on the big world with a desire to help others. Matt has always known he was destined for a life that impacted all those around him. So, he headed east with a hobo pack over his shoulder. When he jumped off that rambling train he found his people. Matt enjoys traveling with his friends, overbooking his schedule and is obsessed with Starbucks coffee (don’t get him started). Matt has dedicated his life to helping others, and may never stop pursuing education to reach that dream. His favorite movie is “Inside Out,” he can’t help but ask “How do you feel about that?” He keeps strong ties to his Midwestern roots and reads his emails from his smartwatch. He spent a month in the Middle East while in college, graduating with more degrees then I remember him telling me, and as mentioned before he may never quit pursuing learning and making himself and the world a better place.

Bri Marie Black

Bri Marie Black was born in a small town in the North East, but don’t let that country upbringing fool you, she was meant for big living and fast-talking since the day she was born. Even in less than fortunate circumstances, from an early age, she desired to enjoy life. Starting her professional career in the fast-paced business world, Bri found it hard to relate to those around her. She actually hated numbers, which made her less than successful in her accounting career. So, like all bright-eyed girls in their twenties tend to do, she moved to South America to volunteer in an international women’s prison. After months of sleeping with giant bugs and sweating in the steamy Peruvian night, Bri decided it was time to turn her life to helping others. She moved back to the states to attend a small university, graduating top of her class (yes, she made me put this in) and has been working as a Clinical Counselor ever since. With a life dedicated to helping others, she works in the private and public sectors helping local and city folk deal with dysfunctional lives. Bri spends her free time with her adorable doggo and trying her hand at stand up comedy.